Elements of Style: French Archetype


Minimalism has become a trendy lifestyle but for me it was a brief period of wanting an easy life, without the fuss of picking out clothes. So before going travelling I bought everything in white in various shape and cuts. They returned yellow-tinged from Sri Lankan water.

I started a board on Pinterest called ‘Scandi’, and I could have filled it with stuff my mum would love but it didn’t take long for me to realise it’s not me, my style. I worked into french and european lifestyle and design, to progress to ‘Classic’ and Chic. To me, French style is a perfect minimalism, the European lifestyle, ritual of the senses. Food, Body, Romance, but its stress-free and easy.

There is a perfect juxtaposition of Womanhood in the vision of the French woman. The tea dress of the housewife, yet a gold necklace and an undone button turns into the hint of seduction of what is underneath the loose dress, tousled hair. There is a class and a mystery. Classic style with a hint of allure.

The culture of the hearty food- croissants and croque monsieur ellude to a life well lived in quality. Best enjoyed fresh and hot, the style of enjoying the moment, a full bodied life, and sex.


The concept style of french design invites a connection to the simple pleasures and quality in life. The Parisian apartment with herringbone wood floor, silk cami tops with bootcut blue jeans, antique glassware and mirrors, chandeliers and high ceilings with french doors and brass handles. The french draw just the right amount of attention to the pleasure and sensual connection of the body, to the world it feels. The right amount of mystery and balance to leave you savouring the taste for more. Its no wonder they’re the home to the Artist, the play with the perception of the body and beauty.



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