Elements of Style: Statement

I came across the term ‘statement’ after coming to defining my style through design, and my interest in Minimalism and it’s non-communicative voice of interior expression. I had cut out a matte black kitchen, and pondered wether that was minimalism, to me. I decided not. You’d have to go out of your way to find everything matte black. And it was everything.

Statement is like a verb, one bold move changes classic & minimalism to statement. In one bold action/decision you can show one thing about you that speaks very loudly. Only one speaks louder than a lot of decisions with nothing to subdue its boldness.


Black and White are funny colours, when put together they contrast. In the outfit a bold decision was made that says something about the expression put out from the woman wearing it. A decision to not only put black on white but to wrap around and enclose her upper body in contrast to the lace detail. It juxtaposes femininty with a power stance masculinity.

This style is a balance, evident also in culture currently through the comminucation of Female and being a Woman. This can be translated into bold moves in interior style, and using fashion to inspire interior design walks hand in hand. 52ba40f67b2cb30378aa0cbc34c0b1fd

Not one chandelier, but five. This contrasts the classic style with the statement. On its own this chandelier would have been a detail in classic interior decoration suggesting light grandeur, but as one of five, suggests I AM GRAND.

As part of my style I’d say I love bold statement pieces teamed up with basic things like t-shirts and jeans, the buildable and changeable elements. I like to call it the mutable, you can take them off and take them out. Statement in my style is one bold move that shows my character within a basic style, that if I took it out it would be minimalism, balanced.



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