Interior Space : Feminine

In using my passion for Interior Design to realise my own style, I’ve found that Style embodies a lot of elements of you as a space called ‘I’. I took my uninhibited Interior creativity to be able to get an insight of myself and my style. That is one step, to use an outlet that you find easy. I work from the inside out, so I find it easier to create spaces based on the person. Through this you can also ‘read’ space, but that will come later.

Elements I include as Style are Character, Interests, Hobbies, and Lifestyle. I also identified 3 Archetypes that I feel sum me up.

The French/Classic




Sera Hersham-Loftus’ apartment embodies the archetypal design that can be read to get an impression of her as a person, and a style through her space.

Art books collected, fresh fruit would suggest she’s probably a home person, or at least prioritises coming home to her own space. There is an element of a deep connection to who she is through this space, a naturalness. The floor is bare wood, draped onto by materials from the sofa, as if it were dressed up in luxurious fabric from exotic travels. The exposed brick fireplace suggests a sensual warmth as like a naked body. The walls are dark and give a feeling of closeness, drawing the space in, putting the comfort of being in this space alike to being comfortable in the body she is wrapped in. Elements of nature that require care also flood the property, synonymous with the connection and care to her internal and external space. The open doorways allow a fluidity through the rooms, emphasising the social connection and spiritual connection to the function of rooms as task areas or chakras.

This space encompasses the Archetype of Feminity, and the power of it. I think that is why this space is known and liked is Sera’s connection to the energy and beauty of the Woman and Femininity at its core foundation. The feeling, and the buidling through it instead of trying to pick everything before you’ve seen or felt it, or found it online.

Femininity Balance Restore Seminar


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