French Interior

I’d class french interior style as minimal but in a way that is small amounts of very good quality objects, including antiques. Neutral but classy. This also applies to fashion. Antique being vintage Levi’s, bootcut.


The French woman laid on the bed after a laborious breakfast, smoking a cigarette in silk pyjamas under a monsterously beautiful chandelier, as nonchalant as the drifting smoke.


Your choice of unapologetic vintage telephone to lean to in your seconds of social interaction


I think part of the French casual-cool is the minimalism that is so GOOD. For the put-away types, treat them like glad rags, in a handsome wardrobe.

And when it comes to the actual kitchen, … Pardon, Kitchenette. A shit white oven is essential, or at least a white range-style. Go for, domestic goddess in training. Quaint.


And some French style touches, I know the teal velvet isn’t so minimal but that is my take on it. The glass pendant I’d place in a small bathroom, or kitchen French patisserie style. I think the Deco style also goes well, for example in these pendant lights(5).


2.Also available in Yellow, Grey and Striped Linen. Caden Armchair

4. Paris Pendant Light

5. Deco Pendants

All at Graham & Green

6. Farrow & Ball Whites – (Very Slight Warmth )Wimborne, White Tie, Pointing &  (contemporary) Strong White



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