On Internation Womens Day, I quit my job.

The Artist and the French link through the living of life. Conscious creativity; how we go about life moment to moment through space. A nice house without the life that uses it is merely a shell, the living is the wealth.

Minimalism is the focus of removing objects that distract us, creating a space that ushers us into living life in the present. The minimalised reminders and attachments to who we see ourselves to be, and remain. Mindful ritual grounds us into our stability of self, yet we also need to be able to let go enough to accept each moment as new and unlimited.

In terms of our interior, home space, I see this as energetic – aligning spaces, rooms, to our use of areas – input and output of energy through them. Using energy rather than trying to concrete our sense of Home through posessions realigns our values to people over things.

This is Movement. Notorious destruction of I.

This is the culmination of personal change in this project. The French pleasure of satisfaction, The Artist interpretation to creation, The Mindful awareness of My.

How To Live. Surrender You.

The Glory of choice in what you eat, where and how you do that. Constantly creating Our reality. Dior fall 17 demonstrated this through a moody somewhat haunting collection with the err of the just discovered self phase – fashion somewhat influenced by external places or people, the experiment of make up verging extremes of none to all-out moody goth, and wearing what you like- even if it is all one colour including yellow scooby-doo boots. This element of Heritage and family influence on our sense of self, also positively responsible for romanticism of heir looms and inherited posessions.

How are You going to cross that road?



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