Energetic Design: Water

Directions & Pattern

Exude the fluency, frequency and movement of water. Stimulate the feeling of flow, effortlessness yet embodying the subtlty of water’s dual un-structural/structural power. Water carves a path where it flows, as do we, when following intrinsic nature as vibratory creators. As detail this does best on its own, too much ‘stuff’ around and on it disrupts. The joining lines across the designs form the unobstructing unity of particles of water, allowing it to remain a ‘god-like’ entity able to constantly change form to adapt yet reamin the same eternally. Thus perhaps making it an acute detail in spaces for merging of ideas peacefully.

Qualities – Mediator

Reflective as internal and external. Use of mirrors to promote the qualities of water; light refraction and reflection. Use in bathrooms as a sanctuary room of self-reflection and surrender, those who enjoy to restorative qualities of water and bathing. Mirrors promote also, the ability to reflect a siuation etc. from a different perspective, to see ourselves.


Adaptability of this element would work equally in any area you might want to increase fluency such as hallways, as well as bathroom decor. I particularly like this mirror from Graham & Green as it has the look of travel but also adheres to the watery travel internally as a journey to commemorate, through design, and bearing the treasures of the sea in ornate handcrafted detail.


In my own home the large mop painting carried out through feeling, receiving the idea and unhesitantly acting. This is my boyfriends favourite spot in the house. The typewriter, happens to be a grey-blue, used to note spouts of insight delivered in flowing moments.

I like to think of it is an active space, the books move for use and fall as one goes but I love the naturalness of it. Acceptance. They’re a collection of the ones I like to refer back to when I’m working, harmonising from 9th house travel, watery paths of philosophy; yogas, to creative mind publications such as poetry and exhibition guide.

The drawers are from across the road, salvaged from the rain. It’s such a big room but I didn’t want stuff with no story, so it’s a mindful and present decoration process.

This is the space of the artist, flowing in moments to collect and create yet reaching no end to their life.



Sera Hersham Loftus’ use of directional pattern in the Bathroom inkeeping with established style using black herringbone tile


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