Feel like Chloé

I really like the ethos behind the brand Chloé, the Woman at muse with herself, influenced by Music, Travel and Art. They create a world of the archetypal Chloé girl but the finaexpendited through fashion design. In the FW17 Collection the world is crafted around the feeling of psychedlic optimism, the notion emerging this year amidst the feminine movement, that feel translates through our creative expression. They empower the feminine nature in recognition that little worlds are created in and around us, embodying the feminine energy.

The soft psychedlic colours of gold ochre, hues of purple, rust and effortless prowess emulate a powerful walk of feeling and allure in female mystery. Hidden cavens, entries and portals, an innate connection to the feeling of knowing our bodies needs and wants. Soft textures drape nonchanlantly like bed throws, juxtaposing sex appeal with embodied empowerment. The Go-Getter, late for an appointment pursuing her own ideas of life.

The yellow gold tones ignite the energetic center of self will, power and creation into form. This shade has a worn-in feel, old gold and brass, antiques and Parisian cool. The lashing of silk lingerie come foundations laced with enough gravitas as a component to notice them, yet receeding enough to give way to the whole ensemble. The purples merging into the brown and black moving pieces. Purple of the faces of Amethyst changing in the light, ruler of the crown and connection to divine intelligence, however we perceive it.

This woman definitely only has a collection of in the mood-for accessories, and a handful of worn in basics of quality lasting silk and leather. Romance of Valentino meets the culture experience and expression of the active participant.

Music mood – Lianne La Havas


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