Does anyone ever think about rooms, like you have a Bed-Room. I remember my Brother once pointing out my bed was the same size as my room- I thought, isn’t that the point? It’s for sleeping in!

My point is that we have these areas as part of our Living Space, our Home. Designated little nooks like our Brain has areas for different functions. Do we ever consider the ritualistic beauty, the slow life kinfolkiness of it?

Who makes the rules on those rooms too?! What rooms do you want to make room for?

There’s is Life in Space, it is not empty. Emptiness is full of something. A while ago I came up with a concept of ‘The Pink Room’- pink is my happy colour, it is the concept of a room or area where you allow your joyful creation to play youth fully, unclouded by result, purely journey and adventure. United with ourself as whole, unified by the same essential person in all people. My pink room is glitter, dressing up, drama and performance. It is drag queens, burlesque dancers and exaggeration. If it were an interior it would be retro pink sliders and novelty phones, Miami glamour, and outrageous wallpaper and chandeliers. Penny Lane meets Clueless.

It made me think that I don’t have to trawl over the proper’ of life, aching my brain. Think of the room as an area of you. A space you imagined, creating a world by you and the power of being that.

Essentially this is life. Invision a masterpiece. 


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