Living Spaces

I noticed the absence of Myself on my Instagram the other day, no pictures of me. I realised in all my thinking I’d actually forgotten just…me. 

I’ve been working on a project about the Internal/External relationship, in spaces and people. I got lost in looking outside for my inside. The openness of actually putting myself out there inside of seemingly empty unnarrated ideas. A person to relate to, and a voice.

I want to write a book on Living Spaces but it involves the challenge of actually having to venture outside of my mind bubble. It’ll be about everything Me. Food, Interior, general day to day. I have to get out to express, but to even feel Me. 

Living spaces is about the way we move in and through spaces, not what stuff is in it but how it got there and why it remains. Photographs with a certain meaning of why the button got pushed to capture it. The strange world of people, viewers outside see a face amongst other things but inside is a whole plethora of contributing factors.

I want to feel, live, love and create me and my expression. My statement. My style.

What can you Create in the outside world, just by being you


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