Living Spaces: Your Style

How Do YOU Do It?

As an Interior Designer I’d been trying to determine my style by looking outside of Myself. I was buying loads of magazines and cutting things out and creating concepts, but they were always already designed and styled. I’m much more about the story of things, which involves finding them myself, even online but with the happy accident, or pinterest.

My point being that everything that inspires you, is your style. 

The things you’re afraid to tell someone else sometimes for fear of rejection, or not being the same, is your style. It’s the movement of just being you, and even ‘being’ sounds like you have to try. I’ve run myself in loops with this. I’ve always followed my own radar, with each move I make thats true to me, I find something new about myself I didn’t even know.

Creating your style is just following you, acting on your ideas, voicing your opinions, dealing and being courageous in your individuality. I think a good way to view it is to allow your mess and places you’ve been to show up, don’t tidy them away too much. Look where you’ve journeyed between, even throughout one day. Energy goes where attention flows.

I thought I could find my External style by showing my Internal and Interior design style, until I realised that My Style IS movement, unrestricted and changing in every moment and decision. As a designer I belive you really just need to live, but to pay attention to what attracts you. You are changing at every moment you couldn’t even watch it all at every turn! Take photographs, document. Social media like Instagram I think has potential to be a great tool of self…. gratitude. It’s not about the attention it gets but the ability to view the moments you’ve chosen to capture.

Capture is also a good term, it’s not creating it necessarily as I don’t think you have much control over that (unless you follow a different radar i.e someone else’s), but capturing is allowing it and paying attention to it, allowing it to teach you.

I am going to create a page of my inspiration, although mine is pretty evident on pinterest. I love Clare Waight Keller’s design and use of inspiration for Chloe, but that will unfold in this blog story. I almost feel like it’d have to be weekly. Maybe thats the actual blog thats coming out, I’m not going to try and monitor it too much, until I can make it pretty.

You can’t be anyone else but you, bits will always peep out without you knowing. It’s up to you to accept her (/him) Be your own muse. (My Style!)


This Post was inspired by NOT buying Ken Fulk’s Magical World. But it did remind me of the use of Imagination in Design. Thanks Ken.



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