I’m thinking /going to apply for a job as a Vegan chef! But thinking about the cafe I go to regularly and love, it’s such a great hub In the area but I feel like the food is a bit ‘slump on your iMac and dread the slog home’. 

It got me thinking about how the constitution of food affects us physically, and or mentally. I have been considering trying not to eat sugar, a cleanse, mainly for reconnecting purposes. To myself. 

The people in this cafe come and hang out there for the vibe, but why not add to the vibe with a lighter load. Fruit salad, more fresh foods without the add-ons. I make a mean V Tiramisu. *que Shrek confidence*.  

But jokes aside, it’s really important to pay attention to what you’re putting in your movement machine. Listen to your body’s signals, the bubbling and belching. You receive the messages. You do.

I have a beautiful book by Sebastian Pole, founder of Pukka teas, called ‘Pukka Life’. It’s about Aryuveda principles and you can assess and read about your energetic constitution and how to balance it to function as part of your overall health. Mine is predominately Vata, the water and movement thinker creator, surprise. 


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