Architecture of the Mind

It is not just creating pretty spaces on a board inside, it is feeling the malleable reality it can be brought into. Design by seeing. Creating a space in mind of imagination and healthy creation. The design of thought. 

I want to have a photo diary following me, showing and seeing me. Maybe that is Me. It is creating and flowing each moment freely and wandering. I’m sure by allowing that to show up it will create a personal identity or brand outside. 

I feel that my thoughts open out in this way of externalising them that I struggle with creating internally. To create space for the healthy opportunities that nurture this allowing and receiving. Trusting.

I can’t imagine myself completely as a brand but it’ll be unlike anything as there’s only one me. 

The theme of sacral and solar plexus chakra healing. Showing up at life drawing and seeing the body and movement, power of ours. Sari pieces from travelling Sri Lanka. The creation of this board. 


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