Lilith New Moon

I’ve noticed a change in my diet and eating habits lately, before I realised my Lilith was passing the Aries New Moon.

Lilith rules the dark creative, the struggles or blocking challenges/er. Mine is in the sixth house Aries, the house of Virgo ruling. This governs health and our innate instinct to what our own bodies need. The house or the challenge was the freedom to move healthily, to roam.

I feel like this affects my relationships with men maybe. My movement feels somewhat restricted in the responsive momentous. The sign of Aries governs impulsive action, independence and original thinking. This for me is the way I maintain inner health and connection. 

The feminist within us shown by this placement reads my nodes of the moon, of the value of transformation and regeneration through active learning and movement to develop my philosophies. The flighty Gemini mind benefitting best by movement rather than trying to sit and write. To show and tell. This virgoan Plutonian depth of insight and door to transformation and metamorphosis. Allowing the trust of self action to somewhat take over from the mind pausing and considering itself susceptible into doubt.


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