Big Magic & Branding

I’ve been nestled into the lush green and blossoms not only figuratively but also physically. Opening my Heart to love and its vibration through me, light and airy space. The lost fragments of my soul that shine out and attract whatever I need without struggle besides to feel and allow joy.

We went to Kew Gardens and saw a performing peacock, I had wanted to take a photo more of its backside as it shuddered its feathers to attract/scare the Peahen. It looked great. 

I pondered over it as we walked around, and had been exploring the art of putting myself in my photos with the views. Peacock symbolises the power of allowing ourselves to be seen in all of our power. Even admirers around our other side, in my case. 

I’ve been listening to a free trial on audible of Liz Gilberts ‘Big Magic’. I particularly noted the parts on creative living and decorating ourselves – allowing ourselves to be seen, heard. Loved.

I’ve felt a call to my own power but only realised today it is a call to forgive the loss of power and love I’ve felt and can now recall. The power to live for our loved self, to practice the infinite giving of love to our needs and joy. My power to love myself enough to show up and to ask for my wishes and help. I’m imspired to really ask for my vision for my life. An office for my statement branded building complete with social stature table enhancing the meeting of voices and love. And food, the physical nourishment. I want to build myself with something that stands for the love that heals and benefits our environments physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Holistic Branding – Be Bright, Lisa


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