Modern Shamanism; Instagram as a tool for Modern Creative Healing

I have started putting photos on Instagram (full stop), but photographs that actually include myself. They seem to have invitation to much more than prior images. I did it when I noticed the personable connection that bloggers’ pictures had by including themselves as a relatable fellow human.

It got me thinking.

The love that connects us resides somewhere deeper than any part of our body. Soul Eminates from and within you. Your brand of ‘you’- your love, values and compassion. What transient qualities you effortlessly embody.

Is what you put out creatively perceived by others as good or not by the resonant emotion you connect to within them?

Then, is there a need to even reveal your own creative dialogue?

Creative translation of emotive connect- Hearts communication.

Art as result of internal events externally receptive to the internal environment of others

Therefore, creation is free in its liberation of the mind energies of others. Purely beauty.


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