I recently walked into a bookshop. I immediately glided over to the well-being section, which, was right next to architecture and that’s not just ‘alphabetical order’. I picked up ‘Why We Build’ and ‘The Magic Of Tidying’. These two books got me into thinking about my motivations.

My concerns definitely regard Health. But health as in the way we live, our health of mind, body and self, and how our homes correspond to that. Although through my extensive pondering on the topic, I’ve come to see they are interconnected and to try to separate things leads to our own separated self. Having been a Cleaner probably has something to do with it too. That service of the health of all, except I wasn’t so much at the receiving end of the benefits of having the tidy house, except pride in my work which trumps.

I look at Interior Architecture from a very broad perspective, in that I believe it encompasses and contributes to many factors in our lives. But when it comes down to motivations, I want the health and way we live to benefit our well-being and not just look good, or involve buying stuff. How does your home and the life in influences support your well-being? I mean this structurally and decoratively. Are you into cooking, do you have a social kitchen or a secluded one, does the entrance to the garden go through it? Have you ever considered the effects of your entrance to your home on your affectionate imprint? Do you ever think of it as your introductory space- Not just to others, but also yourself.

How do you function in your space, and How does it meet your needs? Does your home revel in the joy of being a sensual being, Does it ‘Spark Joy’?

We are Architects by nature, given full freedom over all that we create along with the responsibility of it. Ability to heal ourselves and rise by being. Simple.

While I like Interior Design books, I don’t really relate to the elements of definitive style labels and the feeling I can’t shake of just styling with stuff you just buy, the business of making a home. I feel that it takes time and evolves naturally. Of course we buy a few things that speak to us in shops, I’m guilty of a golden rooster in Soho, London! Maybe I just feel more the movement that causes a home to visually shift and take shape occurs in us, and I’m not sure how I feel about rushing that into a finished form. My approach is very person based I suppose.


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