The nazar evil eye, powder paint of blue cities of India and Morocco, the sky, truth. Jeans.

I noticed there is a lot of blue in my work space. Expanding from that post. It isn’t embodying a space but rather projecting into the freedom of it. To expand it! Blue to me when looking at where it has come out in my space is how we handle our craft. And that could be anything, to voice as our space; how we project it. But it is the presence back from the projection and craft, benevolence. The unnamable that projects through us, onto and into the world we create as part of a bigger creative act. 

The layers- the sky is not really blue but the reflection of the omittance of water on the planet. But water is transparent. 

I’ve been tracing fashion photography and through this, consider projecting the line drawing onto photographs- depicting our transparency on to a landscape. The trace of undefinable presence. Is the outside a background or are we really here? Like a dream. 


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