Interior Architecture

Buildings are as unique as the inhabitants and functions they stand for. They are outgrown in the flux of movement and change. Different hearts acquire them and different hearts revolve around different values. Alike to our solar system circulating like blood and breath. Buildings need to be architected alike to our Bodies, with a specific heart, or ‘hub’. Humanise the way we design and select them. Set people into types and areas by their values and needs. For those appreciative of existing period features, reminiscent and romantic. We need the cultural shift of coming together of like minded people, to work together equipped with practiced way of living so that we can learn and adapt from and to each other. Omit division over difference and unique expressions of humanity. Humanise our environment by treating it with the uniqueness of the people and functions that inhabit it.

Building right in the middle, unique shape, ‘found a gap, niche‘. Uniqueness of self


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