After spending ten days in a silent meditation in Sri Lanka known as Vipassana. Vi-pash-na. I noticed the most the judgements and narratives I made up myself about others in my head. Not in silence. The voice. I missed my own sound, but I greatly appreciated more than I ever had, the power of my words as a projection directly from me. My inner self expressing itself. Soul liberation. 

I think we easily forget the simple treasures like our own voice, ability to communicate with sound and visuals. This is a tool. The way we speak, what about. Our words are the only vibratory link for others to meet us. The real snide us. Our mouth like a Hearts telephone. 

We create a space with our words and voice. So we must choose a space we wish to inhabit. And that is the biggest and simplest form of architecture. To learn to speak with intention.


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