Expose material

Trying to write a cv, realising I have been trying to pursue something without actually exposing myself. Creating is exposing. It’s bringing out the inside. But is the material coming off us, invisible like tracing paper but can’t be imitated, we can adapt to any material but for the fact that we’re unlimited as the transparency of tracing paper. In being nothing were everything.

We can transform into anything but it would never be us. We flow through, flows through. We are that flowing. Movement.

It’s hard to let go enough to trust what you want to come out will, or even transform into more than you could anticipate with your mind. My cv looks unfocused but I just have eclectic interest that make perfect sense to me. Essentially loving livingness. Aliveness. Like a strange intense detachment from the reminder or mortality of living.

Ugh. Like a tracing paper ghost.

When we say ‘get out of your own way’, it means that we are blocking that which wishes to pass through us, us as the portal between worlds, physical and non-physical – like when we see Ghosts on TV that can’t actually touch the physical environment. The trust that if we were to close our eyes we would have faith in the guidance of our ethereal eye. Our truth flooding out unbarred, to create worlds like an Architect. We architect with our being, we don’t necessarily need to change the physical environment- I think it is more about how we live in it.



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