make up

builders that craft materials, beauty on beauty.


its kind of ironic that we say ‘make up that looks like its been put on with a trowel’, because with trowels, gardeners dig up earth and plant into it building glorious gardens. Builders build and cement bricks using trowels and create structures by layering materials that assemble architectural designs.

It is like anything, in moderation of course. Like a delicate realisation of what is thereas opposed to pointing to it really obviously and perhaps creating something entirely new– the foundation of collapse.

I think this is the difference between some perspectives on make-up, some say none at all. But does that also relate to the ‘don’t touch it if its not broken’ thing? Is there anything really wrong with enhancing beauty to recognise it. 

It’s beautiful in itself, the ritual and ceremony of make up application, its femininity. Just like any design it tailors to fit, forming in costume, tradition, but also sometimes falls into requirement, to show class or outer judgement/expectation.

It comes back to my age-old concept of ‘New Romanticism’, in which we take things and reinvent and redefine them. They become new and live on, just like the built environment we live in. Everything is a building. Artists are builders. We are inherent creators.


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