Body Seeking Building

When looking for a home, how do we choose what is right for us? The space we inhabit, is like the person in our body, it fits.

Some prefer a quiet nook with access unobtainable without you seeing them coming, and deciding whether you want to interact with the ‘outside’ world that day.

A building has it’s own character and features as much as we have ours, and must be selected accordingly to suit us, without tearing its face off to achieve it. That is called mutilation, or plastic surgery; a mask.

Obviously, like our own image we have the choice of our own home’s changes, but it must be adapted sympathetically to its original features, stories and becoming.It is new yet not, like ourselves in godly designed forms but susceptible to destruct into a pile of dust at any point. The external body faces out to the world, but it is the unique and hidden inside that tells the real story, communicating to face each of its crafted walls flooded through with life force like a colonic irrigation.


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