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It’s strange to think that the names on the outside of buildings is someone’s mark on the physical world we all inhabit. 

We scurry around like ants into these structures that physically obstruct and architect our paths. We work in them. But what if we all decided we wanted to create something of our own? Complete with a black reflective glass window facade that reflects the faces of our workers on their way into the dark, yet coops them up like chickens, refrained from the eye to eye contact of the outside environment. 

I don’t understand why we spent our whole time in schools, fidgeting our way to our first break; the twenty or so minutes of freedom barely enough to get your eyes to adjust back to the scorching light outside, before you’re herded back in for another round.

We spend so much time in these settings that we barely know how to spend the money we’ve spent so long working for, buying our freedom in completely offset ratios, only to buy ourselves into mad dashes of social drinking and financed cars, subjected to constant outdating. Are these built institutions worth the imbalance of our needs being left un-met, forging through the two or three days of free movement with the sacks of lost sleep seeping out from under our eyes, despite the eye cream accounting for a whole days work?

I wonder what parts of our lives we actually would choose to keep if we felt given the choice. What parts of these routines a vast majority of us undertake, would we really call our plan?

 We could all build a skyscraper with our name on if we really wanted to, but we’d rather plod like unenthused cattle into the truck than assert our unique spirit and ability to create. Even the Cows are cycled round the same system of milking until they reach retirement age, with a rather bulbous udder trailing under them, wondering what happened and no idea- almost scared to leave the slaughter queue even if they had a choice. 

We agonise over how to spend this well earned cash with now a higher value on it than the monetary worth, bought with our lives. No wonder they call them ‘Piggy Banks’.

It is the same story with the architecture of these buildings, polystyrene tiled ceilings and an abundance of equally dull and characterless cubicles much alike to the toilets, probably. How can we perform at work, or in education, in these outdated and undefining buildings. 

I used to live opposite an office, everyone was equally grey and grey haired and grey faced as I drew the curtain to begin my 11 o’clock dance workout, in my ex-office room. I’m not sure if I closed it to avoid being seen sweating in less than I’d go out in, to avoid seeing them, or them seeing me moving distinctly more than them despite the equal 2 x 4 space.
The other disturbing fact is that we even think we want to go to work, not because we enjoy it necessarily, but we’re not doing anything else the rest of the time. I’ve been in a work office, and someone had actually come in on their holiday because they were bored! Another never took holiday because ‘What are you supposed to do?’. 

We need lessons in free movement and choice, yet we have the option to vote for someone to rare up our pent up aggression into politics, deluding us into thinking our voice will be heard. The only way to be heard and seen is to be heard and seen.

 Our body is a vehicle, we channel an energy beyond ourselves and our only job is to allow it to come through us. These cosmically designed forms are a processing system to recycle information into creating our own joy. We require the same essential needs as each other as people, the same essential needs as nature, and these should be taken into account for architectural design, and not just bringing the outside in by uprooting forests that grew perfectly well outside where they began. We need light, to invite the outside to permeate the living being that we are. We aren’t separate to the elements. We shower in water, drink water, yet we hide from the rain and don’t allow our own fluency into the wild and unpredictable nature of livingness. 

There are actual websites that state how much space we are allowed at work, we advocate the free-range of animal yet we forgot to look in the mirror.


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