Building by the person


Person by the building

I think I come from a place of seeking the person by the building, and not trying to craft a building by the person- that is to say, to try to decorate ones soul.

I wonder now are houses encouraging the materialism of feeling that we’ve lived? Collected things from places that won’t really effect the day we next lead. Is it better to encourage the art of daily renewal through buildings by reinforcing the connectivity to the expansiveness of living. For example in Artist studios the constancy of movement is shown through undivided spaces but including the necessary like kitchens. 

Do we place too much on the building of houses over the construction of self? In exploring the art of interior I was looking for my internal self. A fog came. The person, the structure and the necessities. The decoration that symbolises our presence, the building of our self, and the elements of growth and survival. Maybe the search equated to the material value of our society that places proof of achievement on things. The arrival of home as physical. 

I still think home is important as a structure but in balance with the formless, moving energy. We are not our bodies and we are not our house, we project through them as structures that make form and interaction with a form tangible realm possible to our senses. The body also houses our personal blocks of memory and attachments, story.

 Does this also happen in houses? A need to hold on to every moment, creating stagnancy and anxiety through unmoving. Should houses be mutable as churches and portals, a procession of life and death, as we go through inevitable change. Houses, structures of collective narrative. 

We die in ourselves as we find our way inward to our true form. It is a procession of letting go. To project through a body freed of blocks that equate to our self limiting. The ache of longing of the soul urges to spiritual awakening. The waking as a formless entity in a formed body. To allow this X to come through. To seek to project moving activity beyond the structure we merely house through. 


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