1. Exterior

The Skin of a Building

The Exterior of a Body

What We see from the outside, & Looking out

The Social Anatomy of Windows – To allow light in; reveal on both sides like eyes

‘The Eyes are The Window to the Soul’

Exterior hints to the Inside

The Front Door like The Mouth, Spirit as The Breath – Ethereal yet Powerful : Speech – Wind

Materials : Glass – Transparency

Brick – Surface build

To ‘Dress’ The Exterior build – To create an Exterior image on the Body:

New Romantics & Tattoos

Fashion Design – The Feminine Energy in the Built Environment


The Importance of Home as in The Materials, We are the crafter and user within that cannot be determined by Materials, The Materials can only be shaped to the use and needs of the Space and its function – The Focus on Materials creates a Space for Life in its transience


Hackett Holland


‘Perhaps it is a very British thing, to want to show a smart public face, but I am inclined to think that restoring the concord of the street, by bringing the house back to its original state, is a more effective method of improving the look of the outside than making a property stand out on its own. In the second half of the twentieth century, many houses like this were badly altered, which ruined the harmony of their streets. Here, we wanted to reinstate the period details.’


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