New Romantics : Glass



Glass: as a Building material for the facade and walls of the structure of a build, illustrates the NR. The design of homes and buildings demonstrate the new way of thinking and being. An interconnection between us and the architecture of where we reside, communicating with one another. And that is what it is, a redefinition of communications. We interact in numerous ways, through our sensory perception.

As the generation of the Internet comes of age, the structure of societies and culture change. We are much more aware of each other, and our intimate worlds and emotional connectivity. The Internet casts this ethereal realm, as if a glass mezzanine floor above the original structure. The connection of the Emotional 4D, beyond the ‘cast’ of the Body. An Internal chatter extending beyond even Language, unbound. A physical demonstration of a spiritual connection.

The new way of thinking is a generational shift- reconstructing values taught to us from generations and their circumstances before; recycling the wisdom to which we agree and discarding the unnecessary. It is a maturation of being, as exists individually, yet this is on a much larger wide-spread scale.

We create structures of glass, completely undoing the previous need of privacy in the home and our ‘self’. This sharing of our unique being, as Individuals. We have cast away the solid walls and hiding of our presence beyond the Exterior skin. This Glass is the opening of our interior world as our self, unique, in a world of ‘selves’. We are sympathetic to our similarities and given space for our gifts. We are no longer so scared to be seen and we are powerful in our vulnerability.

Glass also has the quality to allow something to appear exactly as it is on the other side, like computer screens. With The Internet and Glass, we have this ability to be completely our selves through this boundary of the physical interactions like touch and presence, yet to interact exactly as we would in person. We expose ourselves in the ‘privacy’ of restriction of physical access, and physically to go about our way in private because people now interact with each other in a new way, giving us physical space to be ourselves.

The Architecture is more important than ever now to create environments that Identify the collective needs of Individuality.


The Japanese House: Life After 1945. Barbican Gallery, London.

‘Our homes and personalities are intrinsically linked but nowhere more so than in Japanese architecture, where the needs of a building’s residents inform its very construction. The Japanese House welcomes you inside the Moriyama House (2005), designed in Tokyo by Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA) and inhabited by Yasuo Moriyama, an enigmatic urban hermit.’


The Building this exhibition is housed in, is uniquely fascinating in context to this exhibition and idea form. I got lost on the way out, and in.


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