New Romantics: Interior Architecture

We are redefining the very way we live, intertwining the built environment and the people that live in it – merging our selves and the buildings we live in.

We have re-structured the way we interact and communicate, replacing the value of our body as a spiritual connection point. The sensory.


We communicate beyond words: language of sound. Therefore this must be taken into account in the Architecture of the environments we build. Sound is a response to our movement, we are conscious of it, creating a life in the environment beyond and of our selves.

We hear and make music. We hear our own footsteps like a beating heart, we are here. It is us that makes the sound and hears it, with others, all having ears as the tool. No words are necessary for they are not the only means of communication and perhaps soften understanding.

We create music, musicians, connecting through the emotional body that responds to the resonance and memories that link sound to our built concept of selves. The way it makes us feel. Creating music is a means of voice, learning to use the tools of instruments. Learning them & creating a mutual understanding – another tool of NR. We accept things as separate and yet connected. It is as in Ancient Cultures, to learn a tool, master a craft.

It is in learning to use a tool to create material, we understand the nature of our reality as humans in the material world. To create something in the material world as beyond the material world. We are of beyond the material world. The Human Body experience is the tool.

We bring things of beyond this world into physical form & material, through our form. This middle earth.


We need environments that connect us and support our individuality. Structure and space that is unlimited by preconditioning. We are bringing back a barter-type system, where we exchange ideas in a communicative setting via the internet – because it does not exist in the physical built environment. We are producing a generation of Artists, Creators and compassionate Adults. Our currency is in equal exchange. We need spaces, or to remove the spaces that support this. Communities and shared spaces, team work and projects. We all have our own experience and to share it brings great strength to everyone. On YouTube their is a generation of unique voices being heard.



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