Politics of Design


Is a form of non-linear communication. It is adaptable by the space it is used within, and how. The psychology of Colour, because it directly speaks to a resonance within us to that colour, it creates a feeling.

detail-rothko-classic-two-aIn Communal spaces that exhibit Art, a space for everyone is created, where voices are revealed and heard – ‘The Exhibition’. In this, Art is created directly from our own experience as our Self, it is Life and consciousness moving out into the environment. The Creative freedom of all voices, the communication of creation – whether it be physical creation, or verbal, or active.

The Creative Arts produced directly from The Self – Interior Design, Fashion Design and Fine Art, where we respond directly to our own internal reality reflected emotionally to us, by the environment. It is in this way, Colour is an emotive and communicative tool.


chloethumb‘Dressing Space’

The journey to find and chose our materials, whether it be clothes, furniture or paints. We operate through our ‘Self’ and what is in that space of ‘Us’- the memories, events and experiences, to our movement.

There are no two people the same, In Or Out.

The Interior Environment, from where we reach, out into the world and environments.

In these forms of Design, we edit; selecting the parts we chose to furnish our inner home with, dress or paint. It is the definition of ‘I’ – my, me and mine. Our Story, Our narrative.

1475802923669The Politics

To wear something straight off the hanger, exactly how it was presented to you, or how you saw someone else wearing it, creates a linear passage. You reveal no definition of the inner self, and everyone seems to be the same – our ‘dress’ interpreted to mean we all think the same. This creates a wonderful safety illusion of fitting in.
99-picture-frame-illustrations-640x561If The Interior & Arts were to
represent the inner self, the You, and your uniquely constructed being. The Architecture represents everyone; all the Bodies; the shells and structures of the environment (without the internal life/furnishing/emotion).

New Romantics Write on The ‘Walls’; unified by our similarities, strengthened by our difference

This hiding of the authentic self creates an off-balance reality, meaning the built environment isn’t catering for the needs of the collective, and individuals.

This also correlates to the YouTube phenomena – The Freedom of Voices, online, without a physical structure. This builds up the foundation of the internal self confidence, yet needs also a physical interactive environment to humanise the face-to-face reality of the collective. However, with the alternated internal and external in this environment, I feel it would take a while to get to this stage of physical communication. Hence the need for Interior Architecture to create these spaces…

This also aids to understand the needs of spaces, as functional environments to suit the needs and uses of them both physically and emotionally, privately and socially, and publicly, commercially or domestically.


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