Fashion & Interiors

I remember as a kid I was the girl that wanted school shoes with a heel, and sparkly glittery shoes. I pretended to like herbal tea just because it was pink. I’ve read a few things about people alternating between fashion and interior designs. In my own sketchbook I flip through fashion and interior magazines equally. I think it’s that ‘dressing’ idea, you get to create something with things.

I think that’s it, I see everything as communication. I used to be terrified of wearing anything that would draw attention, so I stopped experimenting with clothes. But it’s the tools we use to communicate material, individual to us, and the way we do it – our style. Communication is so far reaching, and multi disciplinary, from verbal to fashion. The messages we send out, our impressions. And now we wear our voice!

Maybe fashion is my secret love, or maybe I was supposed to internalise that creativity into the physical internal environment. Home, and creating it. Probably the latter since that’s where I am. I wonder if introversion and extroversion have anything to do with it.

It makes me laugh at myself to think that I feel about parquet floors and sales at the Fired Earth factory, trying to trick my boyfriend into going the way that happens to pass the tile factory, as others feel about clothes or make up. But that’s me, I’m a communicator and interested in everything in between.

We forge a path as we go, as a waterfall, just keep moving,  uninhibited and unobstructed.

Wolfgang Tillmans, Tate Modern Exhibition.


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