20th June


I’ve been hiding inside in this weather, it’s so hot, and I feel weird about sitting in the park half naked with no nearby water. Maybe it’s from growing up in a port city, so we could always get to a beach. Along with my annual summer clothes crisis. I own three dresses. Enough said. I really like the dresses on Reformation though, and the new brand Réalisation Par. I feel like the more feminine cuts are really coming back in, and Women embracing a different silhouette.

I’ve been drawing again though. I forgot how long it takes! I’ve had a roll of tracing paper I’ve been tracing images onto from magazines for ages, and really wanted to do something with them. The drawing has an element of the ‘building each-other up’ & ‘sisterhood’. I think it would make a cool wallpaper maybe? Piink!?


I like to think of it like an architect-ed landscape, by people, particularly women. I think that’s just because of my focus, its our time! I have a piece of geometric cube floor cutting I’ve been eyeing up for a new sketchbook, more for architecture and structural stuff, but I really like the idea of using that as a basis. I always roll the tracing paper back up too and that’s when I saw this same layering/built up effect, it reminds me of a lot of society related elements of space. Our constant movement and growth. I’ve touched on this before too with shape and squares, but I love the Illusory part of geometric pattern, and the repetition. I think there’s a real thing to them being 2D and appearing 3D, building from the ground up.



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