We are in the most direct communication with each-other, than ever before. We no longer use the secondary media to bring us ‘together’; We market our self.

Our mark, Our Name is the brand. I think we need design that enhances that. We need creative spaces, that nurture and support us externally and internally. We need connection, in all forms. To Collaborate.

I saw this ‘billboard’ in Swansea yesterday. It really highlights what I’ve been thinking about with the way we communicate. This is really strong in that way, it’s not advertising anything material, it ‘advertises’ communication itself, by juxtaposing a common tool. It is a statement and not interpretative. It points out something very large in societal structure.


I have a concept I call the ‘Pink Room’ – pink, because its my favourite colour. It is a feeling space. When I need acceptance, I feel it, and that’s when I feel like I can come out of the box. It’s the space where we have spaces that are playful and encouraging, kind of like preschools. We can be ourselves. Even Matisse beat me to it.

Following on from my ‘Lady Landscape‘, I was thinking about how we are the flux of life – we have these experiences that shape us in someway, carve us and sculpt us into/through maturity. It is the process of becoming, you are the experience maturing into something much bigger than what was. It occurs through everything but I stick to the Architectural and People/Fashion relations to stay ‘relevant’. Building and People aren’t separate. We need this expressive freedom, and the buildings we inhabit and use will mature with us, by us. But to think for now, I think it’s really a revolution of creative communication. We should build spaces that encourage the collaborative approach, the artistry of borrow and spin-offs. We are much more than the built environment but it is ‘The Home’ of our society. It is the breaking down of the rules and regulations that limit us now. We have this internal/external paradigm, and I think its necessary for our optimal health and communication to have an openness that allows our connection, whether visually, verbally or mentally. I would really like to see the revolutionised use of spaces, and how they fulfil our creative instinctual urge with our basic human health requirements, the spirit in the material.

isabel-marant-s17-ad04This Advert is really interesting at this time with the ‘Rise of Femininity’ and what defines it. It’s interesting as an advert too because it blatantly has someones brand plastered over it, using the person as an imagery tool, a point of relation in recognisable settings. I got confused at first with advertising as it is extremely clever, it’s incurring that you can wear high fashion, in normal life? Isabel Marant symbolises through this image, this woman. I think it’s just the point of when is it pure consumerism, and when is it the creative act of building? When will we rediscover or reignite the spirit of communication in its feeling forms, balancing the emotive and material fulfilment.

It all starts with us, nothing external can bring the satisfaction is what I think I’m trying to say… We need fashion to express not to impress, buildings to structure and not impose. All material is the joy of creating it, the tools and craft

 It sounds obvious but we should be factoring in the needs into the structure and systems to shape and build them. A collaborative politics in Design.


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