Design Engine @Winchester University


I think this is so good.

Some people think that architectural compositions look weird or ruin buildings in the traditional sense, I think they just don’t have that visual understanding of the larger intention. I’ve been chasing my tail around waiting to go to University to study Interior Architecture, but I’ve also noticed my own view on existing architecture change significantly since making the decision to go back to Uni.

I’m a sucker for all things gold and shiny but this is so much more than a pretty face. It revolutionises the social structure of things like churches and their role in existing societal values. When reading through the article on Dezeen I really loved how much thought went into the detail of this extension design, and the emphasis on the religious connotations.

Visually it really says something about the time we live in, the way it’s slotted in existing space, un-imposing. Religion has survived a very long and changing process, and the structural landmarks of that rightly deserve to remain the symbols of community and faith that they currently behold. The angled extension almost seems to trickle out from the original building, creating a somewhat poetic modern interpretation of its use. I think we value the social connection and ceremony of Religion, framed in this gold hue. It is a ‘gem’, as it was intended to be.

Upon close inspection it is composed of a geometric pattern, resembling the architecture of life itself with some religious connotations, I’m sure. It reminds me of that screen that divides the confession booth, used to coat the framework of the structure, it’s like the resounding value of the whispers and communion it houses. The blue neon cross also reminds me of the scene of the funeral in Romeo + Juliet.



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