Creative Temptress

Laying on my bedroom floor, having some reservations about life and living… Then bam! An idea for a provocative ‘Advert for Life’ comes in like a whirlwind.

So it goes like this, actually I’m not going to give it up, I might try to make it roughly. It did make me think though.”The skill, is not in trying to create reality, but to witness and ob-serve it”. We spend our lives probing a creative void, an itch. Overridden by desire and anticipation, searching for the spot, the grand finalé. But is the hyperbolic itch, the conscious lens we behold- the life experience-r. The instinctual awareness of human form.

The climax, Death.

I, or we, are always told what to do in creative pursuits, but I for one am a ‘flighty’ creative. I respond directly to my experiences, filtering through me and drooling it back out to the greater pool. I don’t inherently limit myself to one particular path to create in one medium, unchangingly.

I’ve started to observe the creative millennial instagrammers, but I don’t know how ‘creative’ just posting photos by others on a page truly is. I get it as a Moodboard, but not a final piece. I watched ‘We are Your Friends’ last night and picked up especially on the part when he (Efron) starts to create his own sounds by his direct experience, composing it into a fluid patchwork capture. A narrative. I think that’s the real Art.

I fear the disconnection of the connection. Material and Tool. The raw journey and the polished floor.

Curative vs Creative. Curators help Creatives to refine explosive minds.


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