Alternative Moodboard

There’s two moodboard concepts I really like on YouTube, but both still have this element of ‘stuff’ as opposed to the actually emotion they want to fulfill.

I want the feeling this fills your whole body up with tingling anticipation when a live, or just really good song, starts. And you know when it breaks loose its just going to tremble the tears right up to your eyes and vibrate a lump in your throat. It’s like a fuzziness envelopes you, embracing you like a lover. That feeling of true feeling. The connection of emotion through sound, to physically feel it in your own body. Bypassing the ghost like ’emptiness’ between, passing through walls. It’s like being embraced by the spirit of life itself. Frisked by Energy-In-Motion.

I recently went to the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibtion at the Tate Modern. There was a room (Room 7) there that I almost missed completely, tucked down a short alley with two sound proof panels on the walls. The concept of the room was to experience music as it would sound in the live recording room. And I can say without hesitation, that it wasn’t even music that I would normally enjoy, but in that setting I truly appreciated it for what it was. Beautiful Sound.

City of The Sun

So that feeling would be on my moodboard. Its about the feeling being within you, and passing spilling over, into the materialised to see what responds to your call. The Mind is the tool to visualise. Decide through feeling, follow with action. The movement is the dance of Life.







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