Architectural Fashion


I don’t think it’s any short story that fashion and architecture have a long standing relationship. I find especially in my mood book, they knit together the pages without a care in the world about the common binding spine. I think my project concerning Internal/ External may have even begun with fashion and dress images before any interior design came into it. There are various disciplines that intertwine, and fashion and architecture gossiping across the boundaries, now as fluid as modern day gender.

I’ve mentioned before how as a kid, I loved the glittery shoes and all the bells and whistles, but now I’m interested in the way that I have struck that same cord as many designers before, however with the difference of actually- starting with fashion, maturing into interior and again, to architectural design. I’ve always been very playful with materials but consistent in their proper placement. I have a lasting somewhat perfectionist relation with the Art of Beauty. I started colouring-in within the lines when I was like, 5!


I love the way that French style archetype, for example, denotes this laid-back sophistication. That ‘err, ‘Je nais se quoi”, a ‘way’ through a look, communication beyond words. I read an Article on High Snobiety about Fashion Designers Influenced by Architecture which referenced a connection I’d made also in my studious approach, which was the Architecture of Movement (- when describing Dressmaking). Both Architecture and Fashion have their ‘roots in practicality‘, a kind of ‘housing’, shelter.

I love to think about how terraced houses are like catwalks, the final walk of all the models, dressed in the ‘collection’ yet all uniquely different expressions. We are all housed in a Body, yet no two are the same, subject to use of the same materials yet we will always produce a unique composure. Terrace houses are kept to look uniform by the Council, yet on par with school uniform, will always spill out a unique path, styled by the Internal life. It is the way we express our interior, emotion and spirit, and recognise ourselves as an Individual. We house an Architect.




In Fashion, the architecture is present in the whole process, from the machinist to the model- and that omnipresence is the nature of architecture, design itself. Raw material and tool, crafted to capture something whole. Water takes no form yet it has been architect and made of something, a process and alchemy, un-holding of great creative (and destructive) power. Architectural Fashion becomes poetic craft, to materialise the beauty of movement and form. It crosses the boundary of Uranian and Neptunian, collective and individuation, balancing fluidity underpinned by painstaking consideration.

Architecture is that boundless, border-crossing, inherent complexity of Life. The Creative power of the Universe as form. It is the weight of the feather in the Hall of Judgement. The way in which we appear as ourselves, built of experiences and shaped by memories. Dressed in fluid robes, hard bones draped in soft flesh. The perfect balance. We go back and back, silhouettes of concertina paper. Collaborating, revealing, expanding. We are the bridge between the relativity of textures, the direct architects of the physical. Crafters of Material. Our Atelier.



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