I got my monthly issue of Living Etc. through the post, and I have to say it’s not that great this month. I feel like it’s a little bit of a knocked together issue, things that were in previous issues pop up multiple times. It’s kind of like a group of people on YouTube just videoing stuff they bought, and that’s about it. It’s a home decoration, trend magazine. But that got me thinking, there’s so much more to be had in that area of trend forecasting, styling, and that kind of thing. So, I thought I might adapt and grow the way I blog to be more what I would want to read.

I don’t want to blog a whole post dissing LivingEtc. because I do like flipping through it. I just think it’s on par with people using YouTube as just a video diary, not that there’s anything wrong with it, just that it’s such a good platform for people to share actual creative content. There is only so many ‘hauls’ you want to watch, unless you are a bored teenager. Sorry.

So, here is something I actually didn’t know about before reading it, that I am loving. DeGournay hand-crafted wallpaper, meets shoe designers Aquazzura! I’m really into the whole fashion meets interior thing, and this especially tickles the delicate couture-esque taste buds. I feel like there’s a lot in being able to intertwine fashion and interiors, to inspire one another’s ensemble and build a specific ‘look’ or style.


DeGournay is specifically delicate and intricately painted wallpaper, building a look in a kind of, flow-y artist gliding around in her painted story house, way. Que Cleo Wade. An up-market story.

I think I like the idea of building like building a look & a lifestyle, but not in a materially trendy way, more suited to you. Styling.

I remember ages ago, I proposed to my Dad the idea of basically styling IKEA furniture, and he scoffed it! Obviously neither of us being aware that it was actually already an established career. Pffft.

And the be Chloé maison has opened, exhibiting Guy Bourdain’s work at Rue de La Baume. I’ve got pretty interested in editorial work, I really like Siddhartha Simone’s work here. The thought of having applied to go to do just Architecture at University was provoked yesterday, but I think the thing is, I’m much more about the internal world. Maybe its introversion, or introspection. I feel like with my correlation of humanity to architecture, it would be so hard to design buildings from the external sense, for life and the structure of it, it would be like trying to design a new body. To Me. All those random jobs I picked up on growing up are starting to make a bit more sense, I knew it.



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