3D World

I tie myself in knots trying to figure out what to do next, what’s my big move? The reality is if I knew, I probably wouldn’t do it. I contemplated making videos on YouTube, but soon realised I’d get bored making the usual material that is on there plentifully already.

I stopped doing my independent book work because I felt like it was taking over my head, like I’d go mad without realising. I watch videos and know that that person is truly passionate about what they say/do, and that’s why they do it… or I think they would be as they’re doing it.

I digress.

I feel like I’m in the confusion revolving around our way of life now. That Material vs Materialism. The point where we seek satisfaction in the things, over the joy that brought them to us. But the thing is, everything is architected. The clothes you wear are orchestrated by You, the interior and exterior designer- which is weird how we buy into brand images designed by someone other than ourselves.

I want to touch on Lifestyle, but not in just finding good stuff to buy, but a more conscious awareness of it. What you actually go out and do, and the things it brings back as mementos. I keep trying to visualise an ivory Porsche 911, but when I try to just imagine the thing it quickly slips off. Its when I capture the joy of driving it; then it races in. I want to teach people of life and living. The human experience before the material stuff. I think the thing is, that the experience of this time yields material occurrences, but we got lost along the way from ‘I’ll just do it for the moment because it makes money’ to ‘I’m not giving it up’.

I want to delve into a field of Architecture and Design that breaks the boundaries. To aid how we live and thrive, through good design. To influence the interior internal worlds. It seems like people do things because they heard its good, but don’t actually know themselves what they’re doing. There’s so much in all our tiny internal realities to be unleashed.

It is unavoidable to manifest the material result from our inner engineer, but allow it to flow in alignment with nature and not consume our hunger to create. To nourish our system naturally. Allow the story of buildings, nothing is ever done but decays and grows alike to everything in this world.



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