When you sing, that reverberating sound comes directly through you, the expression of Soul. Dance is like dressing in movement. In the paradox of Internal/External everything stems from us, as a root of all flower. We are dressed in Life. If dressing ourselves is the expression of the interior, on our physical self then being dressed in our self, is the appearance of our Soul.

We dress our spaces, material expressions of our presence, etheric. I see design and architecture everywhere. We are the guardians of the restless spirit, bearer of it, and kept safe and mortal in the body. The way it moves is poetry; we are the power of that movement, dancing with itself, like the wind.


Prue Stent X Honey Long, Moulding


I think we are, perhaps subconsciously, recognising that we are dressed space, artists in residence. We design inspired by our own form, as if slightly detached from that image. Unlimited by it. Fashion is dressing our own body, expressing our inner world, reality of emotion and wild spirit. Interior is synonymous when In and Out. We stem from beyond the body, Spirit expressing into a Soul, into a Body. Projecting light, releasing our internal eclipse when we reveal our entirety. Naked.

Open House Silver Sister Earrrings, BonaDrag

I watched a fantastic documentary called Love Thy Nature recently, and would so highly recommend it. It describes all aspects of life in alignment with nature and the natural world, from a harmonious perspective. It introduced a practice of science called Bio Mimicry, which from my understanding, is lending inspiration from the natural world as opposed to taking from it. I think this is an all round concept that can be applied, for me it is in the area of Architecture and Interior Design. We should design buildings and structures that behold the grace of being human now, as opposed to creating a grappling thirst extending into the future, a peaceful content.

Another thing I’ve come across recently is an Artist Collaboration between Prue Stent and Honey Long. The topic entitled Moulding is stunning, and I love the whole concept from start to finish, they capture the exact poetry between form and structure in human X environment. I find true magic of being human in this ability to create Art and Beauty of the natural collaboration of spirit to human, human to space, here.


In a way I think we undermine ourselves by striving for materialism, driven by things… I think Architecture has a lot of potential to change a lot of things about the way we live now, and not just physically but in our structures of life too. We should design through inspiration, when we’re high on life. We can introduce ourselves back to a place of health through these designs. Interior Architecture is taking back that responsibility over what we internally decide, architecting our reality.


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