My Rock

I’ve just started rock climbing. An old friend tried to get me to start a few years ago, but I wasn’t up for it, I didn’t feel ‘outdoorsy’ enough to enjoy it. I wasn’t looking forward to getting hard, dry chalky hands; jamming them in crevices and retrieving skin peeling fingers back.

But… It holds an incredible metaphor for life, clinging onto a rock face when you first start and aren’t that confident in your footing and strength. The person holding the rope responsible for catching you when you fall. It always make me think how good it must be for physical practice of mental strength- like having to abseil back down, leaning off a cliff, letting go of the last hold. I’ve definitely had moments of hanging on, despite having the rope, still feeling like you are just letting go at the top of a cliff some 15m off the ground. I definitely trust my own instinct while going up more, and my dear little feet.

It turns out I do like being outside. I love the adventure of it, even when I’m grumpy when we leave and think i’ll hate the way to the rock, which normally isn’t straight forward. I’ve definitely fallen on my bum and still haven’t learnt not to wear sandals down. I did finally get some of the rock crystals I’ve been eyeing up before yesterday.

Getting out, and out of my head and it’s rules and restrictions physically helps me re-balance. We managed to clamber down to the sea too, a good salty bath is the best medicine, especially when it rains. That good Soul Medicine, that’s really Interior Architecture to me. When you and the World meet at the Heart, Spirit .

I just watched a documentary film on Netflix called innsæi, the sea within, which discusses the foundation of my interest in Interior Architecture, of the inner world working out. The Unconscious, and Intuition. Definitely worth a watch.


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