I’ve been looking at stats recently, and realised that the most views on my blog are on my more relatable posts – where I transcript my thoughts, feelings and interests. They are authentic, where the real ME comes through.

I’m having one of those moments where you have to risk being vulnerable. I feel like I post things that are very… ‘theoretical’? No person or personality comes through to connect with and get a sense of who I am. I don’t want to make a really person-based blog but I do want to communicate my interests and passions. I watched a part of a video today that mentioned the (QCVA) of Quality, Authenticity, Consistency and Value. Branding was mentioned, and I’ve read on holistic branding before- your authentic voice being in alignment with the ‘face’ of your brand and interactions professionally, as face to face.

I feel like(I know), that I have a real Fear of showing up like that. I remember at school telling my friend answers to questions because I didn’t want to put my hand up myself. I feel like its being demanded of me in my personal life also, as these things do pass over into different arenas. I’m finding it hard to bring together my character with information and accessed knowledge that I want to share. Although, this video did also mention the first pointer as ‘why do you want to start …?’. I think my content is Architectural both in the traditional sense, and from a lifestyle angle concerning wellness.


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