July Favourites; Saved Items

Amongst other things, and since having more work, I’ve started the good old habit of scouring the Internet with my ‘saved items’ shopping bag at hand. I admit it. I don’t know what it is about hunting down things, to stare at them repeatedly- with little intention of actually buying them.

I’ve been into MatchesFashion, Free People, and the Reformation (in Internet spirit). Maybe it’s with my birthday coming up, or working running my endorphins- but even looking at clothes and attending to how I style myself  and veering toward more ‘chic ‘ is new. It all started with YouTube, specifically Aimee Song riding through LA, and going home to visit my new-phew, Beau.

I really like womens town bikes but the ones I carefully selected were in the US. I’m wary of another vintage-y bike since my current failed me in a gradual collision into my boyfriends back as a crash barrier. Although, Linus Dutchi and Public c7 bikes look worth the shipping extra.

And somehow I’ll magic up the money for this silky cottony Zimmermann dress too.

Since that decision I’ve just been honed in on bike suitable, and suitable bikes, for dresses. I just want the French idealism. I want to ride to the fruit shop with my basket bike, but I live way too close. I’ll just have to ride up my one way road, round the block and back down to the grocers.

Apparently now I wear eyeshadow, or make up at all now, too.

Free People Retro Romance Maxi Top

Reformation Luscious Dress in Sunflower





There’s no way I’d ever wear more than one of these colours at a time, I cannot imagine myself doing elaborate eye-looks!

A girl can dream

I did pick up some clothes from my Mum, first time ever this weekend though. She just seems to find such good stuff at charity shops, but buys it, and has way too much stuff.


She give me a striped smock-like shirt the same colour as the maxi top/dress, a white linen french style top with buttons down and a tie back kind of like the free people dress below, and another white linen shirt but without covered pockets like my other. Its oversized on me but I’ve got a floppy striped hat I got in Australia it would look nice with at the beach or somewhere.

Another thing I’ve been enjoying is shotfromthestreet.com . I found Lizzy’s channel on YouTube, and kept going back to her Finding Style Inspiration video. Her blog is full of great and real film photographs. I’ve been really into the creativity of YouTube and Lizzy’s helped me think of what my own voice would be like, and how to be authentic. I also really like Shots of Awe, and Lavendaire.

Lottie London Rusts Palette

Free People Doub Dress


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