Nostalgia 24



It is so weird that things I was wearing when I was 12, are back! I feel like I blinked and missed out twenty years. I’m only 23! They remind me of that Me, seemingly easier times, when I was clothes adventurous. Or the three year old Me in the swimsuit and scrunchie with platinum-blonde, sun-bleached fluffy hair. I half feel like ‘I could never wear that again’, and half feel like ‘Those flares look great, why did they take a holiday?’.

There’s a really nice (aesthetically) page on LiveFast Mag, an online & print magazine I just came across, because of this photography by Shayna Colvin .  I don’t know if its that dressing spaces sort of thing, or the combination of lifestyle, decor and fashion I seem to keep coming back to. Its funny how the sight of denim brought back forgotten style eras like that. Definitely used to wear a red skater hoody with red side striped jeans, and pastel hoodies with two-tone denim flares.


I’ve seen a few styles of these raw hemmed and flared styles of Jeans that I really like. I’m inspired, but the action is yet to join the party. I feel like my look has evolved since those days though, I just took out my septum ring I’ve had in for approaching 4 years. I think flares look amazing with long poker straight and wavy 70’s hairstyles, mine was the 2000’s version, not sure how it would look now, maybe the french way. This is classic style, those pieces that comes back (and you buy lasting ones the first time). I think I’ve got to that age when you start finding what really works for you beyond trends, even though this is currently a trend.

On the 70’s aesthetic note, here is a music video by the band Tennis, which has great style. I think beyond everything its this style that denotes, and allows for ease. Laid Back Luxe. I picked up a denim jumpsuit not that long ago from Primark of all places, similar to this one but thinner and v-neck. Sleeveless, for £2- it was on sale. In true Bristol fashion, I had a satisfying clutter excavation and that hit the wall outside for more loving days. In someone else’s arms.



Free People


Stoned Immaculate


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