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Tom Ford, Documentary

At 17.58 “It is important as a designer, to be in the World… You have to know where culture is today, to react to it, to be contemporary”. I Love this documentary, it and Tom Ford is insightful and bold. I also watched ‘A Single Man’.

VIOLETTE_FR, Vogue, Bathroom

I really liked the questions they asked her in the first 3 or so slides concerning her self & I like the concept of Women’s Magazines bringing together women/feminine discussion and communication

Kinfolk, Norm Architects, Office Design

I found the incorporation of architectural and cultural fusion to form a brand aesthetic fascinating in this article. The Architecture for the use of the space yet its consideration of borrowed philosophies of design practised in two different countries, it is a standing ovation of the merging of visual language otherwise divided in our environments


Article, The Artists Transforming Interior Design

The Perfect Home, Alain de Botton


StudioIlse, about

Ilse Crawford is one of my designer links that correspond to my ideas and motivations.


Eddie Lee, Interior Design Home
I like this video for the way this designer approaches subjects, with consideration to the building, and personal effects. Especially the addition of the reading room.

George Clarke’s Old House New Home

I love the aesthetic of this transformed space, the incorporation of its new owner yet also keeping the period features and character of the property itself. I really like how they restored the green shade of the walls in this room, in harmony with the elemental Shou Sugi Ban style kitchen and its destroyed and restored juxtaposition.




Hackett Holland Terraced House Revival


I really like the concept of this communal living building

Fashion Designers Influenced by Architecture – High Snobiety

Netflix, Chasing Coral

Fantastic film documentary on living organisms in the ocean, and insights on ‘otherworldly’ structures under water


Siddhartha Simone